Pre-Order the new record!

Hey! We're pretty excited, we've got a new record coming out and we're going to celebrate it's release with a show at Smith's Olde Bar on 1/16/2017. Pre-order now and get the title tune now!

Pics from our show at The EARL!

1 year ago today!

1 year ago we put out our self titled album and I wanted to celebrate the moment by giving you fine folks that haven't grabbed a copy yet to enjoy a free download of the full album. Also, we've still got a few t-shirts, vinyl records and a handful of CDs remaining in the store at heavily discounted prices. We're getting close to being done with a new record and it's time to clear the closets to make room for new vinyl and new shirts! Enjoy!


From the BeAtlanta Site: 

This video was recorded by our great friend Robert Valentine (of Atlanta Film Scene) last Friday, March 27th. It was the 2nd house show in our charity unplugged series this year. The video is the singer, John McNicholas, of Atlanta band The Sunset District playing to an intimate crowd of Beatlanta fans. Needless to say it was quite an awesome night filled with some very awesome music and good times with new and old friends. The Beatlanta House on FacEBOoK.